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Win in the age of word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth

In today’s world where everyone has equal say, top-down celebrity marketing is out of date. Bottom-up, grass root micro influencer marketing is way more effective. 

Micro influencers feel like your friends and not distant celebrities. Because of this authenticity, they are more trusted by consumers. Celebrities sell, micro influencers share. And this gives them more influence.

Pay only for results.

Hate being charged without any measurable results? We do too! That’s why at coStory we start any engagement by setting a minimum engagement number with our clients and if we don’t reach that, it’s free of charge.

Standardised pricing.

At coStory, our proprietary algorithm sets the pricing of every micro influencer, ensuring that it is standardised, objective and transparent. The parameters we choose are all directly correlated with posting quality to ensure our micro influencers are motivated to produce high quality content.

Parameters include average number of likes, number of likes for sponsored vs non-sponsored posts, engagement rate, post frequency, follower count, standard deviation of likes, percentage of sponsored posts, comment rate, public vs private account and subjective content quality analysis.

Motivated influencers

We pay our influencer per like generated so they are all highly motivated to produce the best content for their followers. We also regularly review their posts, provide helpful tips to them and remove underperforming influencers. 

Co-create content

We believe in brands and influencers co-creating content that best serves both parties’ purposes. Brands provide guidelines for influencers to create posts and have to approve of all posts before they go live.


Instagram Stories are more authentic and nature. They are also easier to create.


Posts can be photos or videos. Engagement rate is eaiser to measure and they do not disappear over time.

5000+ Micro Influencers

Our micro influencer community is very diverse and there is surely someone right for every brand. Before every campaign, we utilise our statistics to determine the best fit influencers.

Engagement Rate

Average Number of Likes

Follower Count

AI and Big Data Driven

Traditional influencer marketing is often characterised by giving the same campaign briefs to every participating influencer. In order to increase engagement rate and like count, we utilise big data and AI to analyse each influencer’s posts to determine their audience preferences and create tailor made guidelines for each individual influencer. 

Our technology allows us to collect over 50 data points for each post. By comparing these data points with the number of likes generated, we can infer the influencer’s audience preferences. This allows us to supply more appropriate influencers for each campaign and increase engagement rates. 


Location mapping

Facial recognition

Hue and saturation

Sentiment analysis

Posting time

Object recognition

Tagged friends

Hashtag analysis

Video analysis

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Win in the age of word of mouth

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