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Micro Influencer Marketing

CoStory is the leading KOL marketing platform in Hong Kong, connecting companies to thousands of relevant micro influencers ready to promote your brand.

Tap into authentic influencer marketing through our agency in Hong Kong to win in the age of word-of-mouth marketing.

Who are micro influencers?

There are no strict criteria of who qualifies as a micro influencer, but at KOL agency coStory we focus on Hong Kong Instragrammers with 1,000 to 100,000 followers.


Micro influencers, or key opinion leaders (KOLs), have specific knowledge and influence in their respective field, they’re trusted, and they affect consumer behaviour.


Although they have a smaller audience, micro influencers appeal to a specific niche or topic. For example, a beauty micro influencer may only have 5,000 followers, but they are all beauty enthusiasts and therefore highly engaged.


Of course, we also work with travel influencers, food influencers, fitness influencers and those focusing on any popular topic worthy of its own group of influencers.

Why micro influencers?

We work with micro influencers over macro influencers on our KOL platform because they can be better for Hong Kong brands in multiple ways.

Higher Engagement

Micro influencers have a much higher engagement rate than macro influencers. Those with under 1,000 followers have an 8% like rate whereas those with over 1 million followers have only 1.7%.

More Affordable

Micro influencers cost much less than macro influencers. While macro influencers often charge at least $500, micro influencers get to work with as little as $100. Great ROI!

User Generated Content

Micro influencers supply great UGC that can build rapport with followers in a way brand content never can. Think of micro influencer campaigns as a massive UGC machine.

More Authentic

Micro influencers have fewer followers, so they have more time to engage them by replying to comments and messages. Therefore, they feel less like distant celebrities and more like real, relatable people.

More Trusted

Micro influencers have a much more targeted follower base than macro influencers. Although they have fewer followers, their following usually has more relevance and value.

More Targetted

Micro influencers have a much more targeted follower base than macro influencers. Although they have fewer followers, their following usually has more relevance and value.

Micro Influencers in Numbers

1 X

Micro influencers have 4X the engagement rate of macro influencers

1 %

Micro influencers cost just 20% that of macro influencers

1 %

Of consumers trust micro influencers’ recommendations

1 m

2 million Instagram users and potential micro influencers in Hong Kong

$ 1

Businesses make $7.65 per dollar spent on KOL marketing platforms in Hong Kong

+ 1 %

Search volume for the term ‘micro influencer’ since 2015

Why coStory?

Why should you come to our KOL engagement platform above others in Hong Kong? We know what you need to make this strategy work for you.

Result Guaranteed

Do you hate being charged without any measurable results? Us too! That’s why at coStory we start any engagement by setting a minimum engagement agreement with our clients and if we don’t reach that, it’s free of charge.

Standardised Pricing

At coStory, our KOL platform based in HK uses a proprietary algorithm to set the pricing of every micro influencer, ensuring that it is standardised, objective and transparent.

The parameters we choose are all directly correlated with posting quality to ensure our micro influencers are motivated to produce high quality content.


Parameters include average number of likes, number of likes for sponsored vs non-sponsored posts, engagement rate, post frequency, follower count, standard deviation of likes, percentage of sponsored posts, comment rate, public vs private account and subjective content quality analysis.

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